Learn to Animate Baby Yoda!

Illustrated by Rogie King

Animated in Premiere Pro using our Animation Builder tools

STEP 1: Create a custom Yoda template

  • Drag in a ‘Custom Image’ Template. For this example we used Custom Image HD.

  • Once the template is loaded, drag and drop in each Yoda layer 1-9. This will replace the placeholder images. 

    (JPG, PNG, EPS, AI or MOV files are compatible.)

  • Once complete click generate template and choose a recognizable name for your template.

STEP 2: Organize your project

  • Drag your newly generated template into the Premiere Pro Essential Graphics Panel.

    (If you don’t see the E.G. panel go to Window / Essential Graphics to reveal it.)

  • Once your template is loaded into the panel, drag it from the panel into the timeline.

  • Set the duration of the layer to be the length you would like the loop to be. 

    (You can find duration under In/Out Animation.)

  • Now shorten the end of the clip to match the duration length. 

    (You will see a blue end of frame indicator.)

  • Duplicate the layer until you have 9 layers total.

  • Now from bottom to top, select a layer and assign an image 1-9.

    (Go under object settings to assign your custom images.)

  • Now we recommend organizing your layers. Right click one layer at a time and click ‘Rename’ and assign a name to match the layer.

STEP 3: Add animations!

  • Now that your project is organized,
    turn off all layers visibility except for the right arm. 

    (Click the eyeball in the left of the timeline to turn off visibility.)

  • Select the right arm layer and set the Center Point to be positioned at the top left of his shoulder. 

    (Center Point is located under Object Placement.)

  • Once placed, collapse the object placement menu then expand the looping animations drop down menu and set Animate Rotation to random.

  • Adjust the speed and amount of the rotation to your liking. 

    (Scrub back and forth to preview, use arrow keys to scrub through frame by frame.)

  • Now repeat the 3 steps above for the left hand. Adding a random rotation as you see fit.

  • Once complete select the Beams layer and set the center point to be in the center of where the beams should pulsate from.

  • Under looping animations set animate scale to pulse.

  • Adjust the speed and amount of the scale to your liking.

  • Select each layer and make sure the Interface is toggled off for each.

STEP 4: You’re done!

  • Now it’s time to render. Go to Sequence / Render in to out.

  • Or if you’re confident in your animation you can export your animation. To do this go to File / Export / Media.

Watch the full video tutorial!

Why did movies 4, 5, and 6 come before 1, 2, and 3Because Master of the Order, Yoda was! We hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you have any questions or requests for our next tutorial please let us know!

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