Animation Builder 

How to bring your work to life with Animation by Austin Faure


  • 1. How to Install


  • 2. How to Import a Template


  • 3. How to Customize a Template Option 1


  • 4. How to Customize a Template Option 2


  • 5. How to Animate a Rocket!


  • The Project That Inspired Animation Builder


Illustrated by Michael Fugoso @Fugstrator & Animated by Austin Faure

This is the super rewarding yet incredibly time intensive project that originally inspired Animation Builder! 

After spending well over 100 hours tediously animating every layer inside of After Effects. The result was extremely rewarding! I just wished I could apply similar animations to everyday projects without such a huge time investment.

A couple years later, my good friend from college and master VFX Artist / Developer Felix Honda & I started experimenting with our own tools. A few break throughs later Animation Builder was born!

Today Animation Builder is used by designers, filmmakers, youtubers and other creatives all around the world! Helping the every day artist bring their work to life with animation.