Icon Font Generator

Convert .JPG, .PNG, and .SVG images into an icon font!

Finally! Use your own artwork in Premiere Pro

Motion Graphic Templates (.mogrt’s)

This free tool leverages the power of the new Premiere Pro CC 2019+ Essential Graphics font capabilities. Making it easy to import your own artwork into .mogrt templates by generating a custom icon font.


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This page is optimized for  desktop use only.


Simply drag and drop in your .JPG, .PNG, or .SVG file. Assign the characters and export an .OTF (a font file)For the best possible results use .SVG

Note: Be sure to type in your characters before selecting the font in Premiere. (i.e. 1 2 3)

Tips for saving an .SVG out of Illustrator

1. Expand all text and shapes

  • Select all artwork. (CTRL/CMD + A) 
  • Go to Object, Expand Appearance in the top menu.(If it is grayed out skip this step and move onto step 3)
  •  Select Object, Expand. Click Ok. (CTRL/CMD + Shift + O)

2. Save as a .SVG with default settings (CTRL/CMD + Shift + S)

3. Done! Your .SVG artwork is now ready to drag into the converter.

Note: .SVG's will automatically size to any artwork inside the file. In other words, it will ignore Illustrator art boards. 
Note: Open path's will automatically be closed when converted. 

Tips for using .JPG and .PNG formats

  • Using high quality, high contrast artwork is recomended (Larger than 1000px x 1000px) 
  • Use artwork wih flat or minimal color schemes and sharplines (no gradients).

Note: The final result will be simplified to one color.

How to Install a Font

  • MAC/PC: Double click the .otf file and click "Install Font"

Note: After installing your custom font, restart Premiere to update your font listing.