Animate in Premiere


Create everyday animationS IN Premiere Pro.

You have a vision… Animation Builder is here to help you bring your vision to life! 

Whether it’s for an Instagram story, short film or fully animated project. Animation Builder is designed to help you quickly and easily create everyday animations without the need to switch between software.

Version 1.5 Improvements:


 - Initial Soft Release 


 - Added a global toggle to secondary position animations. 

 - Fixed image thumbnails for Arrow Builder. 

 - Fixed ease bugs for overshoot and bounce. 

 - General speed optimizations. 


 - Fixed ease bugs for overshoot and bounce. 

 - Expression optimizations. 


 - Fixed jello mode and slow scale. 

 - Adjusted min/max for rotate in 

 - Adjusted min/max for rectangle's round corners (Shape Builder). 


 - Added Left/Right Text Justification (Text Builder). 

 - Text Reveals now have independent direction and speed controls (Text Builder). 

 - Restructured UI for better user experience.

 - Added Scale/Rotation to Center Point. 

 - Restructured Scale-In hierarchy for Center Point. 

 - Within Secondary, renamed 'Use Global Position' to 'Match Animation In / Out Direction.' 

 - Added 'Use Default Center Point' toggles within Secondary for Scale and Rotation. 

 - Added UI start/end indicators along with progress bar. 

 - Fixed a lot of issues with 4K .Mogrts. 

 - General bug fixes. 

 - Major speed optimizations and improvements. 

 - Added support for future extensions. 


 - General Bug fixes involving Scale animations. 

 - Added a 'Scale In From Object's Center' toggle. 


 - Additional UI Adjustments. 

 - Reworked Center Point logic to work with all Scale In animations. 

 - Added 'Continuous Rotate From Custom Center Point.' 

 - Added 'Slow Scale From Custom Center Point.'

All for Only $69!


Let Animation Builder do the heavy lifting for you. In/Out animations render in real time and all animations loop perfectly thanks to magical algorithms. Saving you a lot of time, money and elevating the quality of your work. Making it possible to take every project from 100-110%. 

Have time to do what you want, like dream up your next big project.

  • Build Your Own Animations

  • Create Perfect Loops

  • High Speed Rendering

  • Drag & Drop

  • HD & 4K Ready

  • Includes Vertical Formats

  • Great for Any Project

  • Easy to Import

  • Use it Everyday

Yoda Illustration by Rogie King @Rogie


Animate any font. Character, word and line animations. Text box, call out mode and more.


Build and layer custom shapes. Animate shape outlines and more.


Import and animate your own images: jpg, png, ai, psd, mov. Generate your own custom template.

Creative Use Case:

Animated using Animation Builder


Tools Used: 

Custom Image Template. 


Looping position and rotation animations applied, set to a 8 second duration. Then split into 3 parts to alternate between images. 


Continuous Scale In/Out Animation applied set to speed 5, with an 8 second duration. Then duplicated and offset to create a continuous zoom effect. 


Fade in / Out applied, set to 4 seconds duration.

Is this a plugin?

Nope! This is a Motion Graphics Template AKA .Mogrt. Simply drag and drop it into the Premiere Pro Essential Graphics panel and you’re ready to go.

Does this require technical skills?

This is currently the easiest solution for animation we know of! Anyone should be able to open up the panel and within 20-30 minutes have a good enough understanding to create what they want. It is designed to be intuitive and also includes hands on training and a use cases available to download with purchase.

What can this be used for?

Animation build is designed to make it possible to create all the most common types of animations quickly and easily. For example you can quickly create a fully custom animated title in a matter of minutes. It is very useful for illustrators and designers who would love to bring their work to life with animation. Explainer videos that require animated arrows, text call outs and other screen overlays... There's really no limit to what you can do with it. Although we recommend keeping most animations below 5 layers, 10 max to best keep render time down.

Let Your Ideas Take Flight. 


DISCLAIMER: A powerful computer is required for 4k animations with more than 5 layers animated at a time.


  • A Quick Start Guide

  • Video Overview

  • Baby Yoda Tutorial

  • Text Builder 4K & HD, Horizontal and Vertical

  • Shape Builder 4K & HD, Horizontal and Vertical

  • Custom Image 4K & HD, Horizontal and Vertical

  • Arrow Builder 4K & HD, Horizontal and Vertical

Technical Requirements:

  • Premiere Pro 2019+ 

  • PC or MAC (OS High Sierra+)

  • At least 8GB Ram

This product falls under the Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.

All for Only $69!